Samuel Freiberg

Software Engineer / Site Reliability Engineer

I like computers. A lot.

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  • Austin, TX
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  • Teleport Oct. 2022 - Feb. 2023

    Software Engineer
    • Submit bug, documentation and security fixes to the open source and enterprise versions of All code written in Go (Golang). Contributions to the open source repository can be found at .
    • Numerous PR reviews
    • Backport security and bug fixes via git cherry-pick
  • Overhaul Aug. 2021 - Oct. 2022

    Sr Site Reliability Engineer
    • Created gRPC client/server for managing portal DNS (Go)
    • Creating custom modules for Pulumi (Python)
    • Add Azure support for custom lifecycle controller in Kubernetes (Go)
    • Add Azure backup functionality to custom cli tool for managing etcd clusters within kubernetes (Go)
    • Manage ~10 kubernetes clusters in AWS
    • Manage 12-15 applications in kubernetes via helm
    • Responsible for maintaining uptime and SRE best practices including post-mortems, SLOs/SLAs and HA
    • Work with Datadog to add metrics and alerts
  • Google Apr. 2019 - Aug. 2021

    Systems Development Engineer
    • Achieved Go Readability in considerably less CLs and SLOC than the median applicant
    • Created the idea and base implementation for Accountly. Accountly is a health check that verifies a user's account health across many disparate account systems and groups inside Google. Programmatically called a dozen or so gRPC services and created 100's of business rules in software to ascertain the health of an account.
    • Led weekly beginner programming classes for participants from multiple teams that wanted to improve their programming skills. Also did 1:1 mentoring with individuals from multiple teams.
    • Created automation to improve security, reliability and speed for reducing toil when assigning the ability to change passwords for Windows Role Accounts.
  • Apollo GraphQL May 2018 - Apr. 2019

    Site Reliability Engineer
    • Work with Terraform to manage various infrastructure pieces
    • Work with Kubernetes for hosting and deployment
    • Wrote a druid stats collector in Go (Golang)
    • Created new security policies, handled security questionnaires from outside companies and setup a monthly security scan for infrastructure
    • Create and update metrics and monitors in Datadog
    • Create processes and procedures for postmortems
  • Planet Apr. 2017 - May 2018

    Sr. Mgr, Systems Administration
    • Manage a team of 3 and sit on the leadership team for the operations department
    • Wrote a web application in Go (Golang) to manage Polycom video conferencing units across all location
    • Architect and oversee the roll out of Nextcloud and OnlyOffice
    • Manage the technical and personnel transition from Google to Planet
    • Deploy applications via Salt and Ansible to AWS, Google Cloud and internal cloud
    • Manage monitoring via Zabbix, including writing custom apps to monitor things like LunaSA hardware security modules
  • Google Aug. 2014 - Apr. 2017

    DevOps Engineering Manager
    • Directly manage a DevOps team of 5-7 people supporting Google's Satellite and ITAR teams
    • Manage daily operation for the larger Technical Operations team of about 20 people.
    • Design and oversee the implementation of the Google ITAR Data Center
    • Reponsible for more than a 1,000 servers utilizing technologies such as VMware, NetApp, Ansible and Ubuntu.
    • Write scripts and applications as required, primarily in Go (golang)
  • Skybox Imaging Sept. 2013 - Aug. 2014

    Senior Site Reliability Engineer
    • Manage a DevOps team supporting deployments, build systems and custom applications.
    • Manage daily operations for the larger Technical Operations team of about 20 people managing VMware, NetApp, Ubuntu and Windows
    • Manage more than 500 Ubuntu servers
    • Write and implement server monitoring software in Go (golang)
  • Upthere Apr. 2013 - Aug. 2013

    Senior Systems Engineer
    • Implement monitoring for production servers with Zabbix and custom scripts
    • Deploy web applications
    • Manage Ubuntu servers
  • Vertical Response Oct. 2011 - Mar. 2013

    Senior Systems Engineer
    • Manage ~500 CentOS/RHEL servers.
    • Configure and deploy Puppet infrastructure for QA environment.
    • Write application in Go (golang) for testing email infrastructure.
    • Manage three Message Systems (ecelerity) clusters.
    • Manage F5 BigIP load balancers.
    • Write Ruby/Bash scripts as needed.
  • netSerious Jan. 2010 - Aug. 2014

    • Build and manage Ruby on Rails applications with MySQL and Postgres backends.
    • Setup and configure Mercurial infrastructure for QLogic.
    • Launched several online services with e-commerce components.
  • NIC Inc. Feb. 2011 - Oct. 2011

    Systems Administrator
    • Manage ~1000 servers that were responsible for processing more than $10 billion dollars for federal, state, city and county government.
    • Manage web/application servers (Apache/Tomcat) running Perl, PHP, Java and Ruby on Rails applications
    • Manage database servers (MySQL/Oracle)
    • Augment existing monitor solutions with Nagios/Icinga
  • Barkley Sep. 2005 - Jul. 2010

    Senior Systems Engineer
    • Converted Interactive department version control from CVS to Subversion.
    • Converted All Linux boxes to Solaris 10 and implemented Zones for easier management and consolidation.
    • Created the first Ruby on Rails application at Barkley to demo the technology. Also, built out the production Ruby on Rails environment using Litespeed and Solaris 10.
    • Transitioned all physical servers to virtual servers hosted on VMware ESX 3.
  • look and feel new media Mar. 2001 - Sep. 2005

    Senior Systems Engineer
    • Wrote two popular security programs. Snort Alert Monitor (SAM) and SAM Jr were written to help find people and computers that are attacking your network. SAM has been downloaded nearly 18,000 times and been mentioned in three books to date. SAM Jr has been downloaded over 2,100 times and includes several unique and interesting features. You can check out both of them at
    • Administer and Oversee ~45 servers. Operating Systems included Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, OpenBSD, Mac OS 8. Network services include Exchange, Sendmail, IIS, Apache, JRun, Tomcat, MySQL, SQL Server, Bind, Microsoft DNS.
    • Built uncrackable, IP-Less, OpenBSD based firewalls that included fail-over capabilities. The use of the highly secure OpenBSD and commodity hardware saved the company approximately $30,000 over a comparable proprietary solution.
    • Administer scheduled server maintenance including: checking event logs, restoring from backup, configuring and monitoring Performance Monitor, etc.
    • Day to day administrative tasks including: changing/resetting passwords and file permissions.
  • Planning Systems Inc. Mar. 2000 - Jun. 2001

    UNIX Administrator
    • Wrote a specialized backup utility in Java.
    • Wrote a system report logger in PHP/HTML with a MySQL back end.
    • Wrote two small utilities in perl.
    • Administered five Solaris 2.6 servers.
    • Administered a prototype program being used by Air Traffic Controllers in the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • We Are Info Tech Apr. 1999 - Mar. 2000

    Network Consultant
    • Trouble shoot problematic servers.
    • Administer scheduled server maintenance including: checking event logs, restoring from backup, configuring and monitoring Performance Monitor, etc.
    • Day to day administrative tasks including: changing/resetting passwords and file permissions.
    • Partial list of software used: InoculateIT, ArcServeIT, IIS, Network Associates Management Edition, Exchange and SQL Server.

Operating Systems

  • Linux

  • Solaris

  • Mac OS X

  • Windows Server

  • OpenBSD

Programming Languages

  • Go (golang)

  • Ruby

  • SQL

  • Bash

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